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Hydroton Leca Clay Pebbles
Hydroton Leca Clay....
[8 Apr. 2014, 11:25:52]

Leca is initial letters for light expanded clay aggregate. Expanded clay aggregates are porous
ceramic products with a uniform pore structure of fine, closed cells and with a....

Test Sieve Shaker Haver EML 450 digital plus T
Test Sieve Shaker....

As the world' s first test sieve shaker,
the Haver EML 450 digital plus provides
three-dimensional sieving action
for test sieves with a diameter of up
to 450 mm. The design....

Test Sieve Shaker Haver EML 315 digital plus T
Test Sieve Shaker....

The design and basic functions of the
Haver EML 315 digital plus are the
same as for the Haver EML 200 digital
plus. However, it is designed for
sieves of up to 315 mm and....

Test Sieve Shaker Haver UWL 400 T
Test Sieve Shaker....

Haver & Boecker' s most powerful
test sieve shaker is specially designed
for screening coarse-grained
products. It works with a robust
eccentric drive that produces a

Test Sieve Shaker Haver EML 200 digital plus T
Test Sieve Shaker....

Harga: Telp untuk penawaran harga

The Haver EML 200 digital plus has
an automatic amplitude control with
continuous measurement of the acceleration
of the whole sieve tower
using the G-Control system.

Professional Handy/ Shoulder PA SYSTEM PA h-35 W
Professional Handy/ ....

Please check brosur for full product details

Takemura Dm-28,  lux meter analog
Takemura Dm-28, lux....

Kapasitas output:
0-200 luxes
0-2000 luxes
0-20000 luxes
0-200000 luxes
Kulit kasus dan Filter

Testo 205 - Handheld T-bar meat pH meter
Testo 205 - Handheld....

Harga: Telp

A robust food penetration pH/ ° C measuring instrument with automatic temperature compensation. The robust penetration measuring tip is interchangeable and not affected by dirt....

TFA " VISTA " ....

. Sebagai termometer untuk suhu luar jendela
.Termometer menggunakan indoor universal untuk mengukur suhu kamar
.Nilai maksimum dan minimum dengan reset otomatis
.Tahan cuaca

TFA  " Ring ring  " Radio controlled Alarm Clock
TFA " Ring ring " ....

. Display of indoor temperature
. Day and date
. Display of seconds
. Alarm with snooze function
. Time zone + 1 hr
. : HiGlo " Backlight

TFA Travel Digital Alarm Clocks
TFA Travel Digital....

- Photo Frame
- Ideal for traveling
- Indoor temperature
- Calender
- Alarm with snooze functions
- Secret compartment for key, pills, etc
- Back light
- Batteries 2 x1.5v....

TFA Digital Rain gauges
TFA Digital Rain....

Wireless transmisi jumlah curah hujan dari hujan sensor untuk memantau ( max 100m)
Indikasi total dan kuantitas curah hujan dari 24 jam terakhir
lampu indikator hujan deras

TFA Model 4928D,  Barometer-Hygrometer-Thermometer
TFA Model 4928D, ....

Pelek kuningan kasus
D: 13.5 cm
alat untuk mengukur tekanan udara: 990 to 1030 hPa
Kelembaban: 20 to 100 % RH
Suhu: -10 to 50 c

TFA " SPECTRO " ....

.Transmisi suhu luar melalui pemancar ( Max 100 m)
.Indikasi suhu dalam ruangan
.Fungsi min max
.Ramalan cuaca
.Kecenderungan tekanan atmosfer
.Radio dikontrol jam dengan....

TFA Rain gauge
TFA Rain gauge

Harga: Telp

Plastic with support
Patented memory revolving ring for measuring in the quantity of precipitation.
Without rod

G-Won GMK-303 / 303RS,  Grain Moisture Meter
G-Won GMK-303 / ....

Harga: Telp

akurasi resolusi daya: + 0.5% / 0.1%
Dimensi / berat: 164x94x40/ 1.5 kg
Suhu operasi: -10c to 40c Beras: 9.8% -26.0%
Padi: 8.5% -30.0%
Kedelai: 8.4% -22.9%
Kacang merah: ....

Kett PD 720 Infrared Moisture Meter
Kett PD 720 Infrared....

Harga: nego

Metode pengukuran panas pengeringan dan penurunan berat badan
Sampel massa 0.5 - 120g
Resolusi: 0.01% , 1mg
Pengukuran rentang 0~ 100%
( basah dasar padatan) , 0-500% ( basis....

TFA Model 40.1004 sauna termometer / hygrometer rambut sintetis
TFA Model 40.1004....

Harga: Telp

Frame: Solid wood
Diameter: 90/ 90 mm
Dimension: 240x190 mm

Lactoscan SP
Lactoscan SP

Harga: Telp

Parameter Measuring range Accuracy
Fat 0, 01ï ¿ ½ 25% ï ¿ ½ 0, 1%
Solids-non-fat ( SNF) 3% ï ¿ ½ 15% ï ¿ ½ 0, 15%
Density 1015 ï ¿ ½ 1160 kg/ m3 ï ¿ ½ 0, 3kg/ ....

Davis Instrument Turbo Meter
Davis Instrument....

Harga: US$ 280

. Meter Turbo ini menyediakan ketepatan yang biasa, kepekaan, dan kemudahan berukuran saku.
. Hal ini didasarkan pada prinsip bahwa turbin akan memutar balik bebas pada kecepatan....

Lactoscan MCC
Lactoscan MCC

Harga: Telp

Parameter Measuring range Accuracy
Fat 0, 01– 45% ± 0, 06%
Solids-non-fat ( SNF) 3% – 40% ± 0, 15%
Density 1000 – 1160 kg/ m3 ± 0, 3kg/ m3
Protein 2% – 15% ....

Diamond Stop Watch model 505
Diamond Stop Watch....

Harga: Telp

Each rev for min hand / sec.hand:
30 min / 60 sec.
Smallest graduation: 0.2 sec
Sequential running: 12 h


Harga: Telp

Soil research is a very important aspect of the
planning as well as the execution of agricultural
and civil engineering projects.
The basis of a soil research is making a study....


Harga: Telp

Hand-operated equipment can be applied for soil
research up to a depth of 5 to 10 meter.
In this product information leaflet a number of
gouge augers are described. Their....

Temperature humidity logger ( remote real-time monitor alarm function with external sensor S380-EX
Temperature humidity....

Harga: Telp

HUATO Digital temperature and humidity logger is widely used in the

medical industry, electronic industry, food industry, the transport

industry, the meteorological industry....

Opti Science ACM-200 plus Anthocyanin Content Meter
Opti Science ACM-200....

Harga: Telp

• Study anthocyanin content in leaves and
Non-Destructive Measurement
• Monitor Sugar Maple Senescence
• Anthocyanin has be shown to enhance
plant pest protection....

Opti Science GFPIII General Fluorescence Probe
Opti Science GFPIII....

Harga: Telp


• Detection of GFP, green fluorescent protein
• Detection of most other fluorescent proteins
• Detection of specialized fluorescent
compounds down to the ppb....

Opti Science CCM-300 - The Chlorophyll Content Meter for very small leaves & difficult to measure samples
Opti Science CCM-300....

Harga: Telp

Chlorophyll content
measurement of:
Conifer needles
Turf grasses
Small leaf
grain grasses
CAM plants such as:
Agave, Prickley pear
cactus & Pineapple


Harga: Telp

The IRROMETER Model " R " is the standard one-piece IRROMETER for general use with row, tree, and field crops.

Includes reservoir, air free gauge chamber and hermetically....

Orbeco KATHON™ Test Kit
Orbeco KATHON™ Test....

Harga: Telp

The new KATHON™ Microbicide test kit enables the rapid and accurate measurement of active microbicide in a range of industrial cooling water applications. The test can be....

UMS Infield 7
UMS Infield 7

Harga: Telp

he INFIELD7 is a multi-functional handheld read-out unit for Tensiometers and other soil probes.

The following probe types can be connected:
- UMS Tensiometers T1, T3, T4, T5....

suction lysimeter
suction lysimeter

Harga: Telp

The SSAT is a suction lysimeter that allows extraction of soil water samples from various depths for measurement of nitrate levels, salinity, EC, and other chemical elements. When....

WATERMARK 200SS and WATERMARK 200SS-V ( Voltage Output Version)
WATERMARK 200SS and....

Harga: Telp

In use since 1978, the patented WATERMARK sensor is a solid-state electrical resistance sensing device that is used to measure soil water tension. As the tension changes with....

emergency scissor
emergency scissor

Stainless steel material

The length of the edge is 105 cm

Aluminum mouldable splint
Aluminum mouldable....

Harga: Telp

Fast performance: soft intial state, you can the shapes and easy using


IXPE( radiation cross-linked polyethylene) foam

Special aluminum alloy board


Emergency Blanket
Emergency Blanket

Harga: Telp

it characterized by its being small sized, light weighted, heat preservation and easy carried

It mainly used for mountain climbing, fire fighting, rescue and military


alcohol tester/ alcohol breath nasal analyzer,  alcohol tester
alcohol tester/ ....

BrACaudit KY-8000 is a fuel cell based breath alcohol tester designed and intended for use in various applications. With its UK made electrochemical sensor, KY-8000....

Digital Microscope 10-230 pixels
Digital Microscope....

Harga: Telp


Operation systems Vista Sp2, XP SP 2 and Windows 7
Product resolution: Max 1.30 M pixels
Magnification rate: 10 x- 230 x
Lighting: 8 LED adjustable
Power consumption....

BioMasher® Disposable Homogenizer
BioMasher® ....

Harga: Telp

Homogenize and strain tissue samples with no need for sample transfer!

Essential tool for any researcher working with nucleic acid extraction
Consists of a homogenizer for....

TFA Hitrax Hike Altimeter/ compass
TFA Hitrax Hike....

Easy menu driven user guidance
altimeter( -700 to 9000 m / -2296 to 29520 feet)
altitude logbook
barometer ( absolute and relative air pressure 300 to 1100 hPa / 8, 86 to 32....

Pulp Density and Specific Gravity Scale,  w/ o Bucket
Pulp Density and....

Harga: Telp

Marcy® Direct Reading Pulp Density and Specific Gravity Scale speeds up the determination of pulp densities; specific gravities of pulps and liquids; specific gravity of dry....

Pulp Density Scale
Pulp Density Scale

Harga: Telp

When a quick specific gravity is essential, Preiser' s Pulp Density Scale is a workhorse. It is designed to give an easy, accurate direct reading without a lot of fuss, whether....

Tripod type Riffle Sampler Series
Tripod type Riffle....

Harga: Telp

This product is a high accuracy grain divider to mix and division the pellet of grain and oil sample, featured by simple structure, convenient to use, evenly mix, and low dividing....

Electric Riffle Sampler
Electric Riffle....

Harga: Telp

This product is developed for replacing ordinary and traditional riffle sampler, it’ s applicable to precise dividing and mixing of each kind of seeds, foodstuff, feed.


AGROCOLOR® : The first colorimeter designed for fruits & vegetables,
AGROCOLOR® : The....

Harga: Telp

1st step : Define the clearest and the darkest color - The system registers those data, and defines a scale of 100 values between those references

Samples of clear and dark....


Harga: Telp

Developped and manufactured in France by Agro Technologie for the firmness measurement of apples, pears, peaches and other crisp fruits and vegetables like cucumber, pickles or....

AGROSTA® 14X Digital Firmness on fruit
AGROSTA® 14X Digital....

Harga: Telp

Agrosta® 14X is a penetrometer powered by a computer ( Working under Windows) It is adapted for firmness measurement of Apple, pear, peach, mango, papaya, melon, potato, cucumber.....

AGROSTA® 100X measures the firmness of soft-skinned and soft fruit
AGROSTA® 100X....

Harga: Telp

The AGROSTA® 100X consists of a sensor connected to a small main unit fitted with a USB connector. As soon as it is connected to a Windows PC, laptop or tablet computer, it powers....

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